The Idea

The idea for BobbiBows started when I was in college working on my degree in fashion marketing and interior design.... I always wore a bow, and it became my trademark. Everyone started to know me as the girl who wears a bow. I realized that this could really help me stand out when I graduated and started applying for jobs. I had a hard time finding hair bows and accessories that were made for adults and not just babies. So I started making them myself. 


It was very important to me to source materials in the USA and produce my products locally to help stimulate local business. I partnered up the the Apparel industry Board of Chicago (AIBI) and with their help I was able to start producing my products on a larger scale.  Beyond the bow I created a product called the Bikini Bib, which also stemmed from a college life experience. I was diagnosed with Melanoma, a very deadly form of skin cancer, my junior year of college. Although it took me down for a year, I got back up and hit the ground running. I knew I didn't want to completely give up my fun in the sun with my friends so I created a scarf that can give an extra layer of protection to your neck or face while out in the sun. This breathable lightweight fabric is functional and fashionable. It also helps in the fight against wrinkles. All in all, I would consider BobbiBows a lifestyle brand. It is so much more than  just some bows and scarves. It represents the importance of living a fun, healthy, successful life all while you stay fashion forward and care about what's going in the world around you!  #HowDoYouBow



Working with AIBI

The Apparel Industry Board, Inc. (AIBI) a 501©6, is a delegate agency of the City of Chicago, Department of Planning and Development and is the only official organization in Illinois specifically dedicated to the needs of the sewn products industry. AIBI is comprised of the major players in Greater Chicago whose careers and business expertise span all facets of the industry including design, manufacturing, merchandising, sales, retail, marketing and finance. AIBI is here to nurture and support designers based in the  Greater Chicago area and is constantly developing new programs to better serve and promote the industry as a whole.

This program is an initiative to provide jobs to Chicago residents and help grow the local manufacturing community.  One of the biggest problems local manufacturers face is a lack skilled workers.  This extensive training program is the first step in revitalizing the Chicago sewing industry and bringing production back from overseas.